Pioneer launches KURO brand campaign


Pioneer Electronics unveiled a new brand campaign tied to the launch of its second generation “KURO” televisions. The campaign is based on the idea that discerning consumers, who seek premium brands at the same time they pack sports, movies, music and more into every moment of their lives, can be transformed by the power and emotion of great entertainment. This is the second campaign in a multi-year initiative designed to cement Pioneer as a premium entertainment brand.

The campaign consists of television, print and online. Media choices reflect the interests and preferences of “discerning entertainment junkies,” who prioritize great entertainment in their upscale lifestyles. Television includes cable and ESPN college football; print includes Esquire, Men’s Health and WIRED; online includes enthusiast sites as well as Google and Yahoo. The campaign will also be incorporated into the KURO dealer promotions and unique flash animations of the transformations will be added to the Pioneer corporate website.

Via TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles, the campaign follows a year when the introduction of KURO was heralded as the world’s best television technology as well as one of the most disruptive advertising campaigns. Both were designed to break Pioneer away from the commoditized flat-panel television market and reposition the company as a premium brand, connecting with the human emotion that is associated with experiencing home entertainment.