Pittman Broadcasting, Broadcast Partners choose McGavren Guild


McGavren Guild Media announced the addition of both the Broadcast Partners and Pittman Broadcasting groups to their roster in Lafayette, Louisiana. Charles Sagona, Pittman Broadcasting’s General Manager stated, “We are extremely excited to have McGavren Guild Media as our national representative in Lafayette. As a true independent broadcast group we believe McGavren Guild Media understands our needs and, more importantly, knows how to sell the value of our broadcast properties the way we want them sold”.

Phil Lizotte, Owner / President of Broadcast Partners said, “Broadcast Partners is very proud of the team we have put together in Lafayette and the choice of hiring McGavren Guild Media was an easy one for us. McGavren Guild Media has the same ideals as our company and understands that in order for radio to be successful both our advertisers and our listeners come first! We are thrilled to have McGavren Guild Media as our national representative!”

Lisa Sonnenklar, rep firm President / CEO added, “We are very excited to have two such excellent, independent broadcast groups choose McGavren Guild Media to represent their radio stations nationally. Both Broadcast Partners and Pittman Broadcasting are true, independent groups that share so many of the same values and passion as we do for our industry. This will be an incredible relationship in Lafayette!”

McGavren Guild Media is the largest and fastest growing independently owned rep firm in the radio industry with a client roster exceeding 530 stations spanning more than 160 markets.