Pizza Patron launches new radio and TV effort


For more than a year, the company has been crafting its new marketing strategies to focus on a younger, bi-cultural demographic. So this week, Pizza Patrón, the nation’s number one Latin pizza brand, launched a campaign that reflects recent shifts in its core customer base. This marks a major change from Pizza Patrón’s previous advertising that exclusively targeted an older, Spanish-preferred demographic.

“Today, second generation Hispanics account for nearly 60% of overall Hispanic population growth in the U.S. according to the Pew Hispanic Center,” said Andrew Gamm, Pizza Patrón brand director. “This landmark change has very important socio-economic, demographic and especially language preference implications.”

The new advertising campaign explains what the company’s slogan ‘Más Pizza. Menos Dinero.’ has meant for the past 25 years. The concepts of ‘Más Quality,’ ‘Más Service’ and ‘Más Value’ are spotlighted in shots that focus on the caliber of the ingredients, fresh dough made throughout the day and the brand’s trademark friendly, bilingual service.

Pizza Patrón plans to continue its commitment to ensure the brand reflects the contemporary Latino experience in the U.S. today. The Dallas-based pizza chain recently opened its 100th retail location and plans to continue focusing on expanding its footprint in new markets via franchising.