Plug for plugging Leno into prime



A reader directly affected by the recent Leno primetime announcement sent in an enthusiastic endorsement.

Referencing your story this morning about Leno in prime time, I am very encouraged that 42% of those polled are somewhat likely to check the show out, and that is before the first promo hits the air! I am not surprised whatsoever that over 50% of them say they will not watch 5 nights a week. I cannot imagine that anyone at NBC research or at a local affiliate would have assumed that they would watch 5 nights per week. How many viewers watch the same broadcast network 5 nights or even 3 nights per week from 10-11pm? How about statistically speaking — very damn few. In my opinion the show can be a success if it achieves a 2x per week average frequency from viewers as a “baseline” audience in addition to the viewers who tune in “episodically.” This is a new and exciting way to approach the hour given the consistent brand that Leno has developed and the opportunity for viewers to include it in their menu of 10pm options. It has the feel of a winner to me. Thanks.

Don Richards, VP, General Manager

WWBT NBC12 Richmond, Va.