Police lure naked man from LA radio tower with hamburgers


A naked man climbed to the top of a 228-ft. city communications tower in downtown LA and refused to come down from his perch for four hours — until police complied with his request for two hamburgers from McDonald’s. The man, a 45-year-old Arizona resident, climbed to the top of the structure the afternoon of 2/8, shedding his clothes during the ascent, the LA Times reported.

It was not yet clear what prompted him to scale the tower — which was part of a city personnel building — but he remained there in a standoff with police for hours. The unknown man scaled the tower, screaming, ‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’.

The man was wrapped in a blanket, lowered to the ground in a basket by a makeshift pulley system and taken into custody. The Los Angeles Fire Department also ensured his safe return by placing air cushions around the base of the tower.
The man parked his car in the police department’s driveway before he made his way up the tower. It is not yet known why the mystery man decided to climb the tower.

RBR-TVBR observation: No, we don’t think this one will get into any future McDonald’s creative…