Political ad agency springs for ratings data


Political AdvertisingNational Media Research, Planning and Placement is a media advisory that works for various Republican campaign and issue organizations, and it has resigned with television audience measurement service Rentrak for viewing data.

NMRPP worked for the Bush-Cheney ticket both times it ran, and used Rentrak during the previous political cycle. It has signed up for more data pertaining to 2013-2014.

“During 2011 and 2012, we had good success using Rentrak to plan network ad buys for clients like the RNC, the U. S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform and others,” said Will Feltus, SVP for research and planning at National Media. “During the next cycle, we’ll be expanding our use of Rentrak data to local market spot buys of broadcast and cable television.”

Rentrak’s claim to fame is its ability to integrate viewing date that includes satellite, cable, mobile, in-theater, VOD and home video in all 210 Nielsen DMAs.

RBR-TVBR observation: All broadcast stations should try to get reasonably detailed information about their audience that would be of interest to politicians and political organizations, and learn to use it sell time properly to them. Perhaps your audience is in a campaign’s wheelhouse – they’ll want to by time urging them to be sure to vote. Perhaps your audience is not – then they may want to convert some of them to their side. Most importantly, if an audience is likely to be on the fence, it will in essence be a battleground audience that can be sold to both sides. The possibilities are endless, if you have the data.