Political spend adding up


Dollar SignTelevision groups lucky enough to be located in the best battleground markets are getting the benefit from increased political television advertising – Wells Fargo says spending between 5/6 and 6/3 is up 57%.

According to analyst Marci Ryvicker, the top beneficiaries include Sinclair, Gray, NBC and LIN.
Broadcast YTD is now up to $364M, says Ryvicker. The addition of national spot and network spending brings the total up to $473.M That works out to the aforementioned 57% on broadcast TV and a 40% increase on total TV spending.

The presidential battle has accounted for the biggest segment of broadcast spending, accounting for 35.2%. After that, the categories are congressional 30.8%, ballot 28.1% and local 5.8%.

$2.8B has been banked so far, money that either has been or will be spent on the elections. PACs have pulled in $840M, House candidates have collected $606M, political parties have earned $600M, presidential candidates have picked up $460M and Senate candidates account for $342M.

The top five markets by volume of political spending are Los Angeles, Cleveland, NY, Milwaukee, and Tampa; the top five by volume of spending as a percentage of total revenue include Wausau, La-Crosse, Madison, Wilkes Barre-Scranton, and Great Falls. Note that three of the markets were impacted by the incessant recall efforts in Wisconsin.