Politically-motivated groups ready to open their midterm wallets


A Washington Post survey of more than 20 politically-interested groups reveals spending plans in the $400M range, an amount that will push total political spending over the $2B mark. The edge in 3rd party money goes to the right.

The cash will be spent both on issue advertising and in support of or opposition to specific candidates for office.

Working on the right side of the ideological fence, generally in support of Republican candidates and positions, will be the US Chamber of Commerce ($50M), Karl Rove’s American Crossroads ($50M), Americans for Prosperity ($45M), American Action Network ($25M), the Club for Growth ($24M),m NRA ($20M)  and FreedomWorks ($10M).

Working from the other side of the spectrum will be unions such as AFSCME ($50M) and SEIU ($44M). AFL-CIO also figures to be a spender but has not commented on its plans as of yet. Also planning to spend on behalf of female Democrats is Emily’s List ($43M).

RBR-TVBR observation: Cash spent by these groups is the icing on the political cake, since they do not benefit from lowest unit rate and perks that federal candidates benefit from in their own direct advertising.