Politician hit with friendly fire in issue ad flight


A radio campaign from the Family Research Council is pressuring members of the US Congress to keep federal dollars out of abortion funding. Although the ads pressure rather than directly attack their targets, one of the members being targeted is Dave Reichert (R-WA), who is already on FRC’s side of the issue.

As a matter of fact, according to a Seattle Times report, Reichert is so firmly on FRC’s side on this issue that activists for abortion rights have been demonstrating outside his local headquarters of late.

The ads are running on Bonneville conservative talker KTTH-AM 770, Salem Christian KGNW-AM 820 and Crista Ministries contemporary Christian KCMS-FM 105.3.

According to the Times, Reichert recently voted in favor of exactly the type of restrictions FRC is looking for. FRC admitted that it was unaware of Reichert’s position on the matter. However, since the ads merely ask that citizens contact the offices of targeted politicians and do not outright attack anybody, the ads will continue to run as scheduled.

Although Reichert may have been included among the targets of the flight on this particular occasion, he does have a history that may explain his inclusion in general. The Times notes that he has consistently sided with groups such as FRC when it comes to abortion legislation, but has parted with those same groups when it comes to support for embryonic stem cell research.