Politicians bashing but 71% of Americans want spending cuts


Enough is Enough!!!!! With the bashing, name calling, emailing, and wordless nationwide speeches the American public is tired and wants real professional adult action. For is not the reason why these so-called leaders were elected in the first place? Let’s have the real American research facts do the talking.

The latest results show that most Americans would rather see the government cut spending than try to boost the economy with more spending. Over 5,000 Americans participate in the American Pulse Survey.

Also, the majority agrees a debt ceiling is necessary, Social Security is worth saving and the U.S. should drill its own oil.

In order to heal the wounded economy, the U.S. government could cut spending or spend more in an attempt to boost the economy.

70.7% of Americans would rather see Congress curb spending, according to the latest American Pulse(tm) Survey of 5,296 respondents. 84.4% of Republicans, 73.2% of Independents and 58.6% of Democrats agree:

Which should happen first in order for recovery to happen quicker?

Cut spending to reduce national debt
Adults 18+: 70.7%
Republicans: 84.4%
Democrats: 58.6%
Independents: 73.2%

Spend more to stimulate the economy and job market
Adults 18+: 29.3%
Republicans: 15.6%
Democrats: 41.4%
Independents: 26.8%

Heated debt ceiling: Americans’ think a limit on debt is needed.

With heated debt ceiling negotiations taking place in Washington and Americans’ eagerness to cut government spending, it should come as no surprise that the majority thinks a limit on debt is needed.

70.5% say a set debt limit is “Necessary.”
 80.1% of Republicans,
72.2% of Independents and
65.3% of Democrats agree.

Further, 74.4% of Americans have little or no confidence that the government’s economic policies will get the economy back on track. 88.7% of Republicans, 77.6% of Independents and 57.9% of Democrats share this lack of confidence.

In a political game of “Would You Rather…?”, parties also appear to agree on some of the largest issues facing the nation.

7 in 10 Americans (70.4%) would rather pay more in taxes in order to have Social Security available to them when they retire. 80.6% of Democrats, 70.6% of Independents and 59.1% of Republicans agree. The other 3 in 10 Americans (29.6%) would rather sacrifice Social Security benefits and pay less in taxes right now.

83.0% of Americans would rather harvest domestic oil, and 92.0% of Republicans, 82.5% of Independents and 78.0% of Democrats agree. The other 17.0% prefer to preserve our resources and continue buying oil from overseas.

Other Key Findings among Americans:

Nearly 2 in 3 (63.0%) sort of agree or fully agree with the beliefs of the Tea Party movement. 37.0% do not agree at all.

The top 3 words used to describe the Tea Party movement: Good (3.6%), Conservative (3.5%), Crazy (2.7%).

55.5% of Americans agree with the Obama administration’s talking point that taxing “millionaires and billionaires” more could help save the economy.

Almost half (49.1%) think it is not at all or not very likely that the government will be able to get the economy back on track before debt surpasses GDP, which the Congressional Budget Office projects will happen in 10 years.

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(source: The American Pulse(tm) Survey is collected online by BIGresearch(r) twice a month exclusively utilizing SSI’s U.S. panel covering topics such as politics, pop culture and the economy. 5,296 respondents participated in the 1st July American Pulse conducted 7/5-7/7/2011. Margin of error is +/- 1.4%. http://www.biginsight.com)