Poll finds that many think television and radio are too racy


According to a new poll out from Rasmussen Reports, 57% of respondents think that there is too much inappropriate content on television and radio. 31% do not find that to be true, and 12% aren’t sure.

39% said violence on television was a primary concern; 36% said sexual content was; and only 9% focused on profanity. The latter result suggests that the recent appeals court decision striking down FCC fleeting expletive enforcement was very much in line with public sentiment, as measured by this poll. Rasmussen noted that public objection to questionable language is on a downward trend in general.

The assignment of blame for inappropriate content was split, and viewers themselves came on first with 29% — suggesting the belief that if people would tune it out, it would go away (an astute observation in the opinion of this publication).

25% blame producers, 25% blame networks and only 9% blame advertisers.

Rasmussen’s poll did not probe any deeper into attitudes toward radio programming.

RBR-TVBR observation: Yeah, yeah. Ask that question, and a lot of people will think back to an inappropriate moment, since that’s what they were asked about, and say yes. But they do anything about it? Ask the FCC – 57% would result in somewhere in the neighborhood of 100M or more complaints. We’d say this poll grotesquely overstates the level dissatisfaction with broadcast content.