Poll positions: RBR-TVBR readers weighed in during 2010


Each week, RBR-TVBR reported on issues of importance to the broadcast community, and each week we asked our readers for their thoughts on many of these issues.

To sum things up, you, our readers are aware of the rapid development of the internet, both in terms of coming competition and coming opportunity.

You are acutely aware of the value of television spectrum as an ongoing part of your business, not as the source of a one-time spectrum auction windfall. And you are dead set against opening the door for a performance royalty for radio airplay.

Click the headline to see results from a selection of key poll questions we asked throughout the year.

* The Digital Age

Is your station ready for a digital future?

Yes, we are going full-bore and making money (27.38%)

Yes, but we outsource it and the ROI isn’t great (10.71%)

No, we don’t have the skill set to make it work (17.86%)

No, we don’t have the budget (27.38%)

No, we focus on our core on-air product only (16.67%)

* Local Websites

Who has the strongest local Internet site in your market?

The daily newspaper (30.59%)

A television station (28.24%)

A radio station (23.53%)

Another type of Website (17.65%)

* Bob Pittman at Clear Channel

Will Clear Channel Radio under Bob Pittman lead the radio industry back to prosperity?

Yes, this is exciting for radio (26.3%)

It probably won’t matter one way or the other (27.46%)

No, Clear Channel is broken and will never be a leader (46.24%)

* Recession Rebound?

Is your radio/TV station experiencing a recovery from the recession?

Yes, ad sales are pacing up double digits! (23.08%)

Yes, ad sales are pacing up single digits! (23.08%)

Well, it’s still kind of flat. (33.57%)

No, we’re still pacing down. (20.28%)

* Online Revenue vs Over the Air Revenue

The internet for many is the new gateway in building asset value and revenue streams. How many years before online revenue exceeds over the air revenue?

Less than 5 years (77.69%)

5-10 years (5.87%)

11-20 years (4.5%)

Never (11.94%)

* Performance Rights Act

Will the Performance Rights Act pass Congress this year?

Yes (6.67%)

No (93.33%)

* Performance Rights Act

Do you support the NAB continuing to negotiate with musicFirst on a mutually agreed version of the Performance Rights Act to be voted into law by the US Congress?

Yes, the terms are acceptable (7.27%)

Yes, but the terms need some work (10.3%)

I’m undecided (6.67%)

No, stop the talks and work to block any PRA (75.76%)

* Radio Ratings Services

Which radio ratings service do you think is best?

Arbitron PPM (37.11%)

Arbitron diary (12.58%)

Nielsen sticker diary (12.58%)

Eastlan telephone recall (6.29%)

None of them (31.45%)

NOTE: Nielsen, like Elvis, has since left the building

* TV Spectrum for Broadband

Should broadcast television stations sell spectrum back to the FCC for broadband use?

Yes, in this business climate any source of income should be taken, even this one-timer. (19.77%)

No, to compete in the future television stations need all of the spectrum they have. (80.23%)

* In-Car Internet

How will Internet connectivity in future car dashboards affect listening numbers?

It will hurt in-market numbers for terrestrial stations when most carmakers offer it. (45.45%)

It will mainly put a dent in satellite radio, not so much with terrestrial stations. (30.58%)

It will have little significance — many are listening now via SmartPhones and the in-car numbers are very small. (23.97%)

The results of these and other polls are available here.