Popeyes is rebranding


Fast food chicken chain Popeye’s is pushing the idea that calling some of its menu items fast food is an oxymoron in a way, since the items may spend as many as 12 hours in preparation, particularly via marinating to get its Louisiana spice combinations into the food. The basis of the campaign is that “slow cooking meets fast food.” "Popeyes is a brand with a unique story to tell. The concept of ‘Louisiana Fast’ depicts the unconventional way we do things," said Popeyes marketer Dick Lynch. "Our new advertising is designed to resonate with our loyal customer base and appeal to a younger audience." At least two television spots are ready to go, and the campaign has already kicked off.

RBR/TVBR observation: If it were us, we’d be on radio all the time if we were in the fast food business. Especially right around the time people are tooling around in their cars thinking about a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is the ultimate opportunity to make your case at the point of purchase.