Positive radio revenue results down under


Radio in the US is starting to show signs of life, and has finally been able to make use of the long-neglected black inkwell. But it’s not the only place where radio is making gains. Big market radio in Australia enjoyed excellent results for the month of May.

According to The Australian, overall metro commercial radio was up 7.66% to just over $56M. The article noted that the gains were welcome in the wake of sluggish results for the month of April.

Five major cities participated in the gains. Sydney led the way with an 8.9% gain to $17.65M, followed by Brisbane (7.79%, $8.97M), Adelaide (7.64%, $5.36M), Melbourne (7.55%, $17.18M) and Perth (4.59%, $6.93M).

RBR-TVBR observation: We are aware that the recession we are dealing with is global in nature, but beyond that we make no claim to any intimate knowledge of the day-to-day economic conditions in Australia. But we are encouraged to see this compelling evidence that radio remains a viable medium despite the new competitive challenges of the 21st Century, which only underscores our belief that it will remain viable in the US as well.