Possible Comcast/NBCU fallout: Senator Zucker


NBCU exec Jeff Zucker has spent a lot of time this year answering questions on Capitol Hill. It seems, however, that in the future he’d rather be on the other side of the committee room table, asking them.

The Daily Beast reports that a new Comcast/NBCU merger-inspired pastime in the entertainment world is the “When will Zucker be fired game,” and adding fuel to the fire are comments from NBCU’s Zucker that he may consider going for a second career in the US Senate.

The Beast speculates that he certainly has the thick skin that is a prerequisite for the political job, as indicated by his ability to weather the withering criticism that came his way for the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien fiasco.

Zucker has made comments on a possible career shift to both the Washington Post, and to Joe Scarborough on the latter’s radio program.

Questions abound – Zucker is a registered independent and has taken no high-profile positions on any political issue. His only political donations have also been ambiguous – chipping in $5K twice to the GE political action committee.

It isn’t even clear what state he would run. He is a New York resident but grew up in Florida.

The Beast speculates that despite recently signing a contract extension through 2013, Comcast may well pay Zucker to part ways soon enough for him to consider throwing his hat in the ring in time for the 2012 campaign cycle.