Post-Auction Special Displacement Window Unveiled


The Incentive Auction Task Force and the Media Bureau have just provided 60 days of advance notice regarding the opening of a displacement application filing window for low power television stations, TV translator stations, and analog-to-digital replacement translators (DRT) that were displaced by the incentive auction and repacking

The Special Displacement Window will open on Tuesday, April 10, and close on Tuesday, May 15 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Along with the 60-day notice, the Task Force and Media Bureau are releasing a channel study to assist stations in identifying potential new channels in the repacked television bands.

“We have compiled and are releasing data that identifies locations and channels where LPTV/translator stations filing applications in the Special Displacement Window likely cannot propose displacement facilities because of the presence of non-displaced LPTV/translator stations and permittees, full power and Class A television stations, or land mobile operations,” the Media Bureau notes. “Stations are encouraged to use this information to help identify available channels and to use TVStudy to ensure the facilities they plan to propose will satisfy station needs. Stations are reminded that they must also use TVStudy to verify that the displacement facilities they propose will not create harmful interference. Additionally, given the public interest in promoting the efficient use of spectrum, we encourage LPTV/translator stations operating outside of the largest 40 DMAs to select new channels for displaced stations that are adjacent to channels in use by other broadcast television stations to help provide flexibility in the future.”

Once a station has identified a suitable channel, it should file a construction
permit application for it during the Special Displacement Window.

The Media Bureau also notes that eligible full power television stations may begin filing applications for digital-to-digital replacement translators (DTDRTs) on April 10.

Click here for the full Notice, along with data to assist LPTV/translator stations in identifying potential new channels prior to the Special Displacement Window.