Post-grad degree for NABEF underclassman


DuJuan McCoy hasn’t even made it all the way through the NABEF Broadcast Leadership Training program, but he has arguably already exceeded expectations. He is the same DuJuan McCoy who just announced plans to kick off a small television group in Texas. McCoy is not exactly a newcomer to the business, with 19 years of sales work under his belt, but his NABEF education, described as an MBA-style program, will be put to work with stunning rapidity.

McCoy has a 50% stake in Bayou City Broadcasting (along with Oliver Hunter), which is acquiring Sage Broadcasting, comprised of KIDY-TV San Angelo and KXVA-TV Abilene. There are also five low power facilities. One of the Abilene LPTVs, KIDZ-TV, carries Fox junior network MNTV. There are additional LPTVs and Class As in Brownwood, Sweetwater, Albany and Stamford. Bayou is spending over 3M for the group and says its on the lookout for more stations, particularly if Washington ever gets around to reinstating the minority tax credit that is supported by virtually everybody we’ve ever heard mention it.

"We are very proud to learn that DuJuan will join the ranks of broadcast television ownership," said NABEF President Marcellus Alexander. "His acquisition of these seven properties is another great example of our BLT program delivering on its goal of station ownership that reflects our country’s rich diversity. We applaud and share in his initial success."