Posterscope launches Out of Home survey phase II


Posterscope USA conducted the second phase of its U.S. out-of-home consumer survey (OCS).  In 2007, Posterscope became the first out-of-home agency to study media consumption and behavior, adopting a unique consumer-centric planning approach for its clients. Now the agency has generated research on consumers across nearly 20 markets across the US. 

The markets studied included:  New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

The latest OCS revealed that:

•         41% of New Yorkers visit public transportation stops/stations regularly, versus just 5% of Tampa residents.

•         Of all the tested markets, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose residents most frequently visit airports (20% do so regularly), and coffee shops (50% do so regularly).

•         Minneapolis residents are most likely of all tested markets to frequent bars/pubs (nearly 34% do so regularly).

•         When it comes to gyms/fitness centers, residents of New York, Boston, and LA are the most frequent visitors, with 30% in each market reporting regular visits to the gym.

•         Less than 15% of consumers found that marketing messages in venues such as the airport, grocery stores, shopping malls, gas stations, billboards, the gym and in sports stadiums were ‘intrusive/interfering’ compared to much higher numbers with radio (24%), television (33%) and the internet (46%).

The OCS questionnaire polled adults ages 14-65. The study was designed to represent a cross section of Americans in each tested market, in order to profile specific target audiences to determine media consumption, attitudes toward advertising and receptivity to marketing messages.  This information allows Posterscope to compare findings across all media (mobile, out-of-home, newspapers and magazines, cinema, radio, tv and the internet as well as compare the value of particular venues and platforms within out-of-home for any target consumer group in markets across the US. 

The insights will help to develop market-specific out-of-home plans and buys for Posterscope USA clients that will connect advertising messages with consumers in the right place, at the right time, with the most effective messaging for their individual lifestyles.

An excerpt of data on an example target group – Chicago Males Ages 18-34 reveals the following:

•         29% of Chicago males aged 18-34 report going to shopping malls at least once a week.  Nearly two-thirds (62%) go once a month or more often.

•         Over one-third of this group (36%) go to bars/pubs at least once a week; nearly half (48%) go 2 or more times a month.

•         One-fifth go to the movie theater once a week or more, another one-fifth go 2-3 times a month, and a total of 53% go once a month or more often.

•         45% go to the gym/fitness center once a week or more often.

•         30% report going to a sports stadium at least once a month.

•         About one-third (31%) visit coffee shops at least once a week.

•         13% report going to the airport once a week or more often.  Nearly 1/4 (23%) go once a month or more often.