Posting pushback


Many executives feel the way this executive does as he writes in reaction to RBR’s report, RAB Board passes posting resolution; Goldstein comments (5/29/08 RBR #105).

In over 40 years of Radio Broadcasting I never thought I would see the RAB endorse anything as damaging as "posting."  To rely on survey methodologies that have always been suspect, PPM that is getting fire from all directions, and now having our future revenue further controlled by Arbitron is inconceivable.  Rather than put the blame on agencies and look to them for the solution to sliding revenues in Radio the focus should be redirected to recognizing who the "client" really is.  How about getting back to the selling basics rather than rely on advertising agencies to sell and then price Radio’s product?  This slide toward being little more than order takers has been long in coming.  I guess the radio industry is getting what it deserves by letting others tell us how to run our own business.  Radio has value, too bad the Board of the RAB can’t relate to that concept. 

Rex Tackett

Wendlee Broadcasting