PPM commercialized in Montreal


Ten markets in the US and now the first in Canada. Arbitron announced that BBM Canada, which licenses the Portable People Meter service, delivered its first currency data on Wednesday. BBM also plans to roll out PPM in four other Canadian markets next year.

Arbitron notes that the Canadian data shows the same shifts seen in US markets converting from diary measurement to PPM. Weekly cumes are up, time spent listening is down and overall average minute audiences are lower.

The Montreal market launch is the first phase of BBM Canada’s rollout plan, which will launch combined PPM radio and televisions panels in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton in Fall 2009.

BBM Canada is a not-for-profit, member-owned tripartite industry organization, which has been operating since 1944. It supplies radio and television audience ratings services to the Canadian advertising industry. BBM’s membership includes television and radio stations as well as networks, advertising agencies, and advertisers.