PPM heads to Broadway


Today’s the day. Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM) begins pre-currency radio listening data gathering in the biggest US market, New York, after launching previously in Houston and Philadelphia. Arbitron had long been planning a client call for the NYC introduction and has now announced a press call as well to discuss the launch in market #1.

Anxious to avoid the in-tab shortfalls encountered recently in Houston and Philly, Arbitron over-installed the New York metro. As of September 13th, it reported 3,938 installed panelists, which is 105.9% of the target of 3,720. The New York launch also includes the embedded Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island, NY) and Middlesex-Somerset-Union (suburban New Jersey) markets. In Nassau-Suffolk, 1,540 panelists were installed,

106.9% of the 1,440 target. In Middlesex-Somerset-Union, 961 were installed, 103.9% of the 925 target.

While Arbitron will begin generating PPM data in those markets today, the big date is going to be November 15th, the date that data gathering begins for the actual buying and selling of radio advertising in New York. The first release of PPM data as ratings currency is set for New Year’s Eve, December 31st.