PPM hitting Arbitron’s targets


Arbitron quit holding monthly conference calls while it battles in court over its Portable People Meter rollout, but yesterday it released its monthly report on sample sizes and in-tab figures as clients received ratings data. Arbitron says PPM is hitting its targets in all markets. OK, not Houston, but that’s a special situation.

In all nine PPM markets that are up and running as ratings currency, DDI delivery by PPM in the 18-54 demo is exceeding the money-back guarantee Arbitron made to stations. In fact, all markets are over 100, well ahead of the 80 guarantee for the first year and 90 for the second.

Currency markets (excluding Houston)

DDI delivery, October 2008 PPM survey month (9/18-10/15) 

9-market average: 108

1 New York (non-embedded) 108

2 Los Angeles 105

3 Chicago 101

4 San Francisco (non-embedded) 103

8 Philadelphia 111

19 Nassau-Suffolk 114

26 Riverside-San Bernardino 112

35 San Jose 110

Hurricane Ike took a heavy toll on PPM for three weeks. Arbitron did not publish data for the 4th week of its September survey and the first two weeks of the October survey. DDIs for 6+ returned to 91 in week three and 94 in week four for the October survey, which was published with only those two weeks of data.