PPM lawsuits settled


The New York Attorney General’s office announced that Arbitron has agreed to take steps to ensure that panels for its Portable People Meter (PPM) radio ratings service are racially diverse and that participants know how to use the devices. The company will also pay $360,000 (including $100,000 for NABOB and SBA to promote minority radio) to settle the lawsuit brought by NY AG Andrew Cuomo over PPM.

"Broadcasters, agencies and advertisers in New York can continue to use PPM measurement of radio without any hesitation or reservation. We are also pleased to be able to resolve this action within the framework of our continuous improvement program for the Portable People Meter ratings service in the New York radio market," said Arbitron CEO Steve Morris in a statement on the settlement.

Arbitron now faces a deadline of October 15, 2009 to obtain Media Rating Council accreditation of PPM in the New York market, or Cuomo can rescind the settlement and reinstate the lawsuit.

Shortly thereafter, New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram announced a similar agreement settling her lawsuit against Arbitron over PPM. Arbitron will pay the State of New Jersey $130,000.