PPM panelist study online, on-demand


“Real PPM Panelists Tell All” was a true highlight of the NAB Radio Show last fall in Austin. If you weren’t there or missed it, we wrote about it extensively. The folks at Coleman Insights promised to put the entire presentation online as well, but it took a lot longer than anticipated. Now, though, everyone can see the research findings, along with video from participants.

“This represents another step in our efforts to ensure that as many radio professionals as possible can see this important presentation,” said Coleman Insights President/COO Warren Kurtzman.

With cooperation from Arbitron, Coleman Insights Coleman Insights was able to interview participants as they came off of PPM panels in New York, Philadelphia and Houston. Individual meter data, which is not made available to stations, was used to study in an in depth manner the radio exposure reported by PPM for each of the 30 or so former panelists interviewed by the Coleman researchers.

The research found that PPM does, indeed, report radio listening that the people carrying the devices are not even aware of. But while that drives up cume tallies, the overwhelming amount of time that panelists are reported listening to radio by PPM they are really listening to a small number of favorite stations.

The multimedia presentation of the findings can now be viewed on-demand at the Coleman Insights website. There’s also a link to the RBR/TVBR video interview of Kurtzman about the study.