PPM panelists unmasked


There’s nothing sinister going on, though. Coleman Insights was granted exclusive access by Arbitron to Portable People Meter panelists as they finished their participation in the New York, Philadelphia and Houston markets. Findings from the “Real PPM Panelists Tell All” study will be presented on Friday, September 19th at the NAB Radio Show in Austin.

“Besides the no-holds-barred interviews that offer a look at what it’s like to be a PPM panelist, we will also reveal new insights between ‘perceived’ and ‘metered’ listening, including how large this gap is and when and why it exists,” said Coleman Insights President and COO Warren Kurtzman.  “These insights will help stations program smarter, as we will share concrete ideas on what you can and cannot control in a PPM world,” he added.

Coleman Insights conducted roughly 30 one-on-one interviews with panelists shortly after they finished their time in PPM panels. The presentation in Austin will feature audio and video of interviews with real PPM panelists as they discuss their perceptions of the meter, how, when and where they use it and how they respond to Arbitron’s efforts to ensure their participation.

This is the third study in “The Coleman Insights PPM Series: Mapping the DNA of PPM,” an ongoing series that provides meaningful insights to radio broadcasters as they prepare for the introduction of this new audience measurement system.
“Real PPM Panelists Tell All” will be presented by Kurtzman with Coleman Insights’ Chairman and COO Jon Coleman and Vice President John Boyne.  The presentation will be held at 10:30 AM CDT on Friday, September 19th in Room 18CD at the Austin Convention Center.  A report summarizing the study’s findings will be available on the company’s website, www.ColemanInsights.com, upon conclusion of the presentation and more materials from the study will be released after the conclusion of the NAB Radio Show.