PRA and Sound Exchange


I appreciate RBR’s updates on the NAB, PRA and Sound Exchange.  Ed Christian’s views are a big help too.  However, as a programmer and someone who has explored the requirements by Sound Exchange in governing the use of music on Internet Radio, I want you to know that I have found the restrictions by Sound Exchange to be very onerous and at least as bad as any question concerning rates.  To me, Sound Exchange’s rate card for Internet Radio is not as much of a pain as are their restrictions on use of music…number of air plays per hour of artists and composers… and the logging of the music. I find their rules daunting and draconian.  As you expose the negotiations by NAB and CRB on rates for radio, please also dig into the restrictions on use.  If they’re the same as Internet Radio, broadcasters should have even more issues with these people. Keep up the good work.
Dick Carr
Dick Carr Productions, LLC
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