Premiere decides to re-up Randi Rhodes


Premiere Radio NetworksPremiere Networks confirms a Politico story: Liberal talker Randi Rhodes has renewed with Premiere after all. This after confirming 11/12  it would be dropping Rhodes’ radio show next year. Premiere will continue to produce and distribute her show in 2014, a staffer at the company wrote in an email to affiliates.

“In a happy turn of events, we are pleased to announce that Premiere Networks will continue to produce and distribute The Randi Rhodes Show,” Peter Tripi, Premiere’s SVP of affiliate relations wrote in a memo to affiliates obtained by Politico. “In an industry of constant change, it’s a pleasure to provide good news about a talk talent we think so highly of. We apologize for any inconvenience the previous announcement caused, but look forward to a very successful 2014 with The Randi Rhodes Show.”

A source close to the deal told Politico that Rhodes is back on for one-year through 12/14, with the potential for an extension.

Rhodes, whose show airs Monday through Friday from 3-6 p.m., is currently on around 40 affiliates. She has recently said, “My radio days are numbered. I’m going to Costa Rica with Howard (her manager/partner).”

See the Politico story here

RBR-TVBR observation: Affiliates and listeners likely had a lot to do with the reversal. Either way, it’s nice to see talkers and syndicators willing to work together on a solution best for both, rather than lawsuits and stone-throwing.


  1. Dear Randy,

    I have listened to your show in LA for several years and was sad to hear I may not be able listen to your informative program. I suffered through your suspension and lost for a while.
    I hope to continue your great political insight, that gets through the hurdles of the ever changing political climate.
    Please let my know if I can continue listening to you in LA.

    Thank you sincerely
    Frank Pastor

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