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PremiereRBR-TVBR first: “El Show Del El Mandril”, hosted by Ricardo Sanchez, has been back in LA morning drive for since January—and 40 other markets–via a partnership with Mexican Broadcaster Grupo Radio Centro and its Regional Mexican “Radio Centro 93.9 FM” on KXOS-FM Los Angeles. Now El Mandril has a brand new syndication deal with Premiere/Clear Channel Radio Networks and is very soon jumping the border to expand into the Mexican radio market as well.

El Mandril

Up until 3/31, El Mandril was self-syndicated. Sanchez tells RBR-TVBR about the move with Premiere: “I have always been interested in expanding my show to different markets and reach across the country. We had to negotiate with SBS for a long time in order to get the rights to syndicate my show. Finally we did it. I spent my own money to build it. Lots of money. We got all the way to 40 markets. And then, Grupo Radio Centro came into the picture. You don’t know how happy I was to meet them and to get all their support. It’s amazing. They are huge in Mexico. And then, Premiere/Clear Channel Radio Networks called us because they were also interested in syndicating my show in the USA. Are you kidding? Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, and me, Mandril? What an honor.”

Said Premiere later in a press release: “Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (CCM+E), the leading media company in America with a greater reach in the U.S. than any radio or television outlet, and Grupo Radio Centro (GRC), the leading radio broadcasting company in Mexico, today announced a multi-platform partnership. As part of the agreement, Premiere Networks will provide domestic distribution and ad sales support for El Show del Mandril, one of the most-successful Spanish radio programs in the United States and Mexico, beginning April 14.  In addition, CCM+E and GRC will work together to develop additional programming, events and digital opportunities to reach Hispanic audiences.

Airing on nearly 50 stations across the U.S., El Show del Mandril will continue to originate from GRC’s Radio Centro 93.9/KXOS in Los Angeles, where it debuted in January 2014 and nearly tripled the ratings in one week (Source: Nielsen Audio, PPM, Wk of 1/13 vs. Wk of 1/20, KXOS-FM, MF 6A10A, AQH, P 12+). Prior to joining KXOS, Mandril was the number one morning drive personality in Los Angeles in 2013 (Nielsen Audio, JUN’13-NOV’13, PPM, KLAX-FM, MF 6a-10a, AQH Rank, P 12+).  

‘For a humble person like me and my team, having Premiere Networks/Clear Channel, the largest media company in the country, interested in syndicating my show, is amazing,’ stated Mandril.  ‘It’s an honor I never expected to achieve. I had never dreamed of it. And more yet, to have Grupo Radio Centro, the largest and most powerful radio network from Mexico, carrying my show, after the acquisition of the rights to my show, is a blessing, an exhilarating experience and very humbling as well. I’m just going to keep working hard with the support of my team to give the best of us and have the best show possible.’

‘The exceptional and fortunate opportunity Grupo Radio Centro had in early 2014, after beating out several major radio groups to contract Ricardo Sanchez ‘El Mandril,’ and his number-one-rated morning program in Los Angeles, has facilitated the first-ever Latin America syndication alliance for Premiere Networks,’ stated Francisco Aguirre, Chairman and CEO of GRC. ‘The combination of Premiere Networks’ strong reach in the U.S. market and Grupo Radio Centro’s leading radio content in Mexico and the U.S. are a perfect match.  I am pleased to assist Premiere as they begin their Spanish-language division by offering them the leading Morning Drive personality for syndication from our radio station KXOS-FM ‘Radio Centro 93.9FM’ Los Angeles.’

‘We are excited to partner with Grupo Radio Centro and El Mandril, who is a tremendous talent with a proven ability to connect with and engage millions of listeners,’ stated Bob Pittman, Clear Channel Chairman and CEO.  ‘We look forward to helping grow his loyal following nationwide, in addition to working with Grupo Radio Centro to develop innovative programming and platforms to reach the Hispanic community.’ 
Hosted by Ricardo Sanchez, known to his millions of fans as “El Mandril,” El Show del Mandril broadcasts weekday mornings from 5 to 10 a.m.  Each day on the program, El Mandril and his quirky on-air co-hosts El Comburindio, La Toluca and Burbujas entertain audiences with their fun and energetic discussion on the news of the day, hilarious skits, listener interaction, celebrity and artist appearances, and much more.  Popular features include: Elios – positive aspirations to start the day; La Parodia – a comedic re-enactment of the day’s top topics; Tatiano – a unique impersonation that defends a woman’s point of view; Don Leon – a grandpa figure providing tried and true advice to listeners; Los Dramaturgos – a chance to stump Toluca and Comburindio; and Immigration Advice – answers to questions from one of Los Angeles’ most re-known immigration lawyers.”

Sanchez’s contract with SBS ended 1/13. He was off the air since early November at SBS’s KLAX-FM LA because of failed contract negotiations. Sanchez’s show aired on some 25 non-SBS-owned affiliates. Entravision’s LER Network began syndicating the show for SBS in March 2012 and carried it on its own Tricolor stations. SBS began syndicating and selling El Mandril a year later in March, 2013. Sun Broadcast Group had sold the show from March-August of 2013.

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