Premiere to end Randi Rhodes’ syndication


Premiere Radio NetworksPremiere has decided to not renew her contract after over a four-year run, say RBR-TVBR sources. She’s currently on around 40 affiliates and her run will end at the end of this year. Boards and blogs have been buzzing about it and she recently said, “My radio days are numbered. I’m going to Costa Rica with Howard (her manager/partner).” No word yet if she will retire, go with a different syndicator, end up on SiriusXM or a podcast. Randi was previously with Air America and later Nova M.

RBR-TVBR observation: With so few progressive radio stations around these days, it’s hard to make money with hosts like Randi. Stephanie Miller is still around, along with Ed Schultz.


  1. My guess is: she’ll continue on the air, in some form, either Sirius/XM or another syndicator. She’s too good and topical to stay quiet for any extended period of time.

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