President Obama isn’t good for business Big or Small


Glenn Beck’s key note at CPAC probably sums up the feelings of the average American:  Mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. There is a strong movement on going that will alter the dynamics of what inside the beltwayers say is governing. Inside the beltway or Washington, DC with the elected ones are not governing they are infighting. This is the clear result why Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) continues to make his statements know that Washington, DC government is broke and needs to be fixed.

Americans Say No to Proposed Jobs Bill; Healthcare Summit Not a True Effort at Bi-Partisanship.  Overwhelming Majority Concerned About Iran Building Nuclear Bombs

It appears Americans don’t hold a lot of hope for the legislation currently being proposed on Capitol Hill, according to the latest American Pulse survey of 5,019 Americans.

Almost half (48.4%) of Americans don’t think the proposed $15 billion job bill will create enough jobs to put a dent in the 9.7% unemployment rate. 27.4% are unsure, while 24.2% believe it will help bring the number down.

Further, 50.6% say that the bipartisan healthcare summit scheduled for next week is simply a show to appease angry Americans.

However, some (25.4%) do think it’s a real effort at reaching across the aisle (24% don’t know). And talk of using reconciliation to pass the healthcare bill makes 51.9% mad saying that Congress has no right to do that. 24.9% say that they will be happy; if that’s the only way to get healthcare reform, then it’s necessary.

Interestingly, if Congress uses reconciliation, 23.2% will be relieved and just glad that it’s all over.

It appears that recent decisions on the part of some lawmakers in Washington not to seek re-election was probably a good idea; only one in ten (10.5%) Americans say they would vote to re-elect their incumbent representative.

Other key findings:
• 46.8% say President Obama isn’t good for business–big or small. 26.3% say he is.

• 48.2% say the U.S.’s approach to rally nations to put economic pressure on Iran to halt their nuclear program won’t work (16.5% say it will and 35.3% don’t know).

• 75.7% are somewhat/very concerned that Iran is building nuclear bombs.

• 77.2% aren’t willing to pay higher prices or wear special glasses to watch 3-D content on their TV…10.9% are.

• Half (50.1%) think the idea being floated in Utah to make the 12th grade optional for high school students who have completed required credits early in an effort to save money is a good idea….33.7% say it’s not.

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