President Obama’s current Report Card from C’s to D’s


It appears President Obama’s efforts to reassure Americans about the languishing economy haven’t paid off, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of over 5,400 people. 64.2% say the economy will worsen or stay the same in 2010 (29.7% think it will improve) and 43.7% plan to spend less this year than last.

Further, Americans remain uneasy about terrorism. 92.8% believe the U.S. is still fighting the war on terror. 40.8% feel less safe since President Obama took office (47.3% feel the same, 11.9% feel safer). 68.9% are somewhat/very concerned that terrorists may infiltrate high level elected positions or the military.

The attempted Christmas Day bombing on Flight 253 also appears to have sparked some strong sentiments among Americans*:
71.1% think the U.S. government should use “profiling” to protect Americans from terrorist attacks; 10.7% say it should not.
64.9% are somewhat/very concerned about terrorist attacks when they fly. (49.3% are somewhat/very concerned when they visit government buildings, 49.1% are when they travel in general and 42.3% are when they visit public gathering places like malls.)
60.8% think the government is not doing enough to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks.
Americans were also asked to grade President Obama on domestic and international issues, including the economy and national security. On average, he received C’s and D’s across the board among adults 18+:

                        Adults 18+        Democrats        Republicans     Independents
Economy             D+ (1.6*)         B- (2.4)         F (0.9)         D+ (1.5)
Healthcare          D+ (1.5)          C+ (2.3)         F (0.8)         D+ (1.4)
National Security   C- (1.7)          B- (2.4)         D (1.1)         D+ (1.6)
War in Iraq         C- (1.7)          C+ (2.3)         D (1.2)         D+ (1.6)
War in Afghanistan  D+ (1.6)          C (2.1)          D (1.2)         D+ (1.5)
Climate Change      C- (1.7)          C+ (2.3)         D (1.1)         D+ (1.5)
Job Creation        D+ (1.4)          C (2.0)          F (0.8)         D (1.2) 
Immigration         D+ (1.3)          C (1.9)          F (0.7)         D (1.1)

*Average Grade (On a 4-point scale)

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