Presidential campaigns set


Ad money is flowing in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, and with most states bunched up toward the front of the primary line, there is almost no campaign backside to save up for. Money is even being spent on behalf of non-candidates, in particular Al Gore (D-TN), who has said repeatedly that he has no intention of running, but is nonetheless the beneficiary of a "draft Gore" organization that is spending in New Hampshire in an effort to spur his late entry into the fray. The vast majority of states will have spoken on or before Super Duper Tuesday, 2/5/08, meaning that candidates will have to do their level best to get enough support if they intend to stick around for the later contests in the very possible event that Super Duper Tuesday comes and goes with out a clear winner. That will focus even more frenzy on the remaining states. As of the end of Q3, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was in the warchest drivers seat, with over 50M in cash on hand, ahead of her closest rival, Barack Obama (D-IL), who still had an impressive 36M. Rudy Giuiliani (R-NY) had the third highest total with 16.6M and was the only Republican in double-digits. John Edwards (D-NC), with 12.4M, was in 4th place.