Prez candidate lists top six priorities


If you were running for president, you’d likely have some ideas about what you’d like to tackle first once you move into the Oval Office. So what would your top six objectives include? We know what one write-in candidate thinks and we have to say one of his choices is a little odd.

The candidate is Richard Sills, a self-described “Scientist, Educator and Humorist” running for president as the nominee of the Children’s Party. Sills believes in children to the point that he is an advocate of “children’s suffrage and children teaching children.”

His platform includes six planks, which comprise “A Six Point Program For a More Evolved Planet.”

Here they are:
1) a United World Government
2) Absolute Total Disarmament
3) Moratorium on Violence in the Media
4) Children Enjoying Learning Advanced Information
5) Children Being Used as Teachers
6) Anti-addictive Drugs and an Anti-drug Society. 

RBR-TVBR observation: We understand that this may be an example of Sills’ “humor” and we understand the emphasis on children in a quixotic campaign. But even if you really really really hate violence on TV to the point where you cringe at the mere sight of Elmer Fudd with a shotgun, you’d have to think that are dozens of other global problems that affect children which would come in ahead of TV violence in terms of urgency.