Price revealed in Bend OR LPTV deal


KBNZ is an unusually-well endowed LPTV station. For one thing, it has already converted to digital operation, and for another, it is the sole CBS affiliate for the Bend OR DMA. It is also being sold, and now we know for how much.

The station, which is going from New Vision Television to Central Oregon Cable Advertising LLC, is carrying a very impressive price tag for a low power facility — $2.2M cash. COCA will place half of that amount in escrow.

The contract specifies that NVT will continue to feed the signal of KOIN-TV Portland OR to the station 24/7 for a period of at least one year, and that the two companies will split advertising proceeds generated during the KOIN feed on a 50-50 basis.

According to local reports, the buyer is assessing the future of the station; COCA already produces local programming for the cable system it operates in the DMA, and is still in the early stages of considering its options with KBNZ.

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