Price revealed in Chicago translator deal


We knew that Lenard Liberman was gaining entrée into the lucrative Chicago DMA with a well-situated TV translator coming from Trinity Broadcasting Network. Now we know how much he’s paying in a deal brokerage firm Kalil & Co. calls a win-win for both the buyer and seller.

The price for W40BY, licensed to Palatine IL, is $1.25M cash.

Kalil’s Lou McDermott pointed out that Chicago is a difficult television market in which to enter. It’s attraction for Liberman goes beyond its status as the #3 Nielsen DMA – it is also the #6 market in terms of Hispanic population, making it almost a must have for Liberman Broadcasting.

Trinity is looking to concentrate on its full-power television properties, so the deal is an excellent exit vehicle from their perspective.

RBR-TVBR observation: A key to success for a low power television stations is MVPD carriage. Local MVPDs want Hispanics to sign up for their services as much as broadcasters want them to tune in, so we suspect it will not be a hard sell for Liberman to get included on local channel lineups.

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