Prime action at MNF halftime


Hopefully there will not be any costume reveals or any other such shenanigans – or perhaps hopefully there will be, if it can change the outcome of the presidential race tomorrow. What we’re trying to say is that football won’t be the only contest on ESPN during tonight’s NFL match-up when the Pittsburgh Steelers, representing a major city in a prime battleground state, take on the Washington Redskins, representing the target residential city of the two presidential candidates. Barack Obama and John McCain will each have a last minute chance to make their case to voters. The sessions with interviewer Jim Gray will go out to the radio audience over Westwood One.

RBR/TVBR observation: Although our household is united on the presidential contest, it is anything BUT united on the football contest. Our better half shares with our publisher an unstinting love of the Steelers dating back to Steel Curtain days. Since we like to be paid regularly, and we also like to be allowed to sleep in our own bed, we will root for the Redskins as always, but will do so with humility and grace. Unless of course they are able to annihilate Big Ben and crew.