'Primetime: What Would You Do?' seeing a man and suspicious powder


What if you witnessed a man slipping a suspicious powder into his date’s drink? What would you do if you were in the 10 items or less line at the grocery store and someone was in front of you with an overflowing basket? Using hidden cameras, “Primetime: What Would You Do?” sets up everyday scenarios and then captures people’s reactions. Whether people are compelled to act or mind their own business, John Quiñones reports on their split-second –and often surprising–decision-making process on “Primetime: What Would You Do?” airing FRIDAY, JULY 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.  (OAD: 1/13/2009)

This series shows what people actually do in the face of everyday dilemmas that test their character and values. Friday’s scenarios include:

DATE RAPE DRUG:  Suppose you saw a stranger slip a suspicious powder into his date’s drink – would you tell his date? Hidden cameras capture customers’ reactions to this serious and scary dilemma. 

GAS THEFT:  In this scenario, “What Would You Do?” shows that some people are willing to take desperate measures to fill up their tanks. When a man takes a running pump from another car and puts it into his tank while the victim is inside the store, will any motorists nearby confront the thief or alert the station attendant?

SUPERMARKET—EXPRESS CHECK OUT:  Suppose customers are in the express check-out line at a grocery store behind a person with an overflowing shopping cart. Will they say something in this all too familiar situation or just hold their tongue?

SUPERMARKET—FIVE MILLIONTH CUSTOMER: A sweet, elderly woman asks to cut in the express check-out line at a supermarket only to discover she is the store’s “five millionth customer,” winning a check for $500. When the younger woman she cut in front of speaks up to claim a prize that is rightfully hers, how do people react? Does the young woman feel badly about the situation?

(source: ABC)