Prisa coming to the US in a big way?


Grupo Prisa is coming to the U.S. and they have $$ to spend. Prisa, based in Spain, owns the cable system there, numerous television networks, radio stations, newspapers, publishing companies etc.  One of their first investments in the Americas (North and South America) was buying an interest in Mexico’s Televisa Radio. Televisa Television provides most of the important programming to Univision.

Then Prisa bought another 800 radio stations in South America,  Then after they put all of that together, they bought W Radio 690 in SoCal, which has studios in their Burbank broadcast center. They also bought a station in Miami (WSUA 1260). Prisa acquired last year a 12% stake in V-Me Media Inc., operator of what is said to be the fourth largest Hispanic television network in the US. The move has both domestic and international implications. V-Me is a 24/7 network available on local broadcast television, as a basic cable channel, on the two big satellite MVPDs and over telco programming MVPDs. It reaches some 80% of the US Hispanic market.

While all this was happening they set up US radio networks at their Burbank Broadcast Center to broadcast and distribute Hispanic  programming, newscasts, sports, entertainment programming etc.  This is done through their US Radio Network GLR (Grupo Latino Radio, 130 stations 84% US Hispanic Household coverage).

Through their GLR sports networks and their radio station W Radio (which is converting to Sports programming), they have acquired and are acquiring more rights to Hispanic sports franchises such at their US rights to Chivas Guadelajara. They plan to acquire additional rights to other premier sports properties coming out of Mexico. They are currently working with US investment banks to heavily invest in US Radio properties, according to RBR-TVBR sources.

From their company info: Union Radio, the radio division of Grupo Prisa, is the leading Spanish radio network in the world and is focused on news, music, entertainment and sports. The structure revolves around five main business areas: Radio, Music, Television, Digital Channels and Brand Development. It currently operates in 10 countries (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala and the U.S.) but its continued growth makes Union Radio’s programming available to more people in more countries each day.

In Spain, Union Radio’s Cadena SER is the uncontested leader of audience in both talk and music formats (40 Principales, Cadena Dial, M-80, Radiole and MaximaFM). In the U.S., the company has two radio operations: W Radio in Los Angeles and Radio Caracol in Miami. As well, GLR Networks is the productions and distribution company with over 130 affiliated stations. In Mexico, Union Radio operates through Radiopolis, 50% owned by Televisa. The three main formats are: W Radio, 40 Principales and Besame. These are also the global formats that are broadcasted in Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Radio Caracol, undisputed leader in Colombia and one of the most prestigious networks in Latin America, is another pillar of Union Radio.