Production houses partner to form Broadcast Management Group


Rob Lewis and Max Schindler, leaders in live event and broadcast production, have partnered with Todd Mason of Mason Productions to expand the company’s existing team roster. To reflect Mason Productions’ expanding management team the company has been renamed the Broadcast Management Group (BMG). BMG will continue the tradition of Mason Productions and provide comprehensive live event and production management services to network, corporate and government clients around the world.

Todd Mason, chairman of Mason Media Group, a diversified media holding company that invests in leading brand organizations within the communications industry, will serve as BMG’s chairman and CEO while Lewis will serve as the company’s president and COO with Schindler as EVP. All three members will be BMG’s principles and company leaders.

Lewis brings to BMG a portfolio including 20 years at ABC News as director of production and operation for “Good Morning America,” and most recently as director of production and operations for ABC News. 

Schindler is an award-winning television director and who has helped develop many of the most influential news and political talk programs on television today including "Good Morning America"/ABC, "Hardball with Chris Matthews’/NBC, "The McLaughlin Group"/PBS, "Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow"/FOX News and more.

Mason’s background includes over 20 years in broadcasting, producing and providing production management for over a thousand hours of prime time programming.   Clients include ESPN, Discovery, PBS, Comedy Central and Showtime where he has produced, launched and managed various TV specials and series.