Progressive campaign takes Flo's superstore to the road


Progressive Insurance’s latest effort has a passionate customer spreading the word about his favorite insurance company. And, he’s doing more than just telling his friends—he’s taking perky insurance clerk Flo’s Superstore message to the open road.

Dubbed “The Messenger,” the campaign features a Progressive customer turned advocate by Flo who encounters people in everyday situations and shows them that there’s a better way to shop and save for car insurance.

The Messenger television spots will air alongside Progressive’s mainstream Superstore campaign, driven Flo. Much like the Superstore, Messenger features a character with an unusual passion for all things insurance.

“The campaigns were designed to work together,” said Progressive Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Charney. “With Superstore, consumers come to us. With The Messenger, we go directly to them. And, the Messenger highlights why you should shop around for insurance, while Flo helps you when you’re ready to buy.”

Television spots will air in select markets starting 12/6 and will be integrated with other media including online and social. The first commercial in the series, “Wake Up,” is available on Additionally, five new Superstore television spots will be released in late January.