Prometheus asks supporters to prod Senate on LPFM


The Local Community Radio Act was cleared by the House of Representatives last December and made it out of the Senate Commerce Committee with bipartisan approval. But that’s where it’s stuck. LPFM shepherd Prometheus Radio Project is asking its members to try and move their Senators to act.

“The bill still needs to be officially reported and filed—a bureaucratic process that should take only days, particularly because this is the third session in a row that the legislation has unanimously cleared Committee,” said Prometheus. “In the recent healthcare debate, much attention has been paid to the slow-moving, complex inner workings of the Senate. We are no exception. As we wait for a full Senate vote, we are looking to the leadership of cosponsors Senator Cantwell (D-WA) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to move the bill forward.”

Prometheus said the bill needs to make it to the White House for a presidential signature this year, or thousands of potential LPFM stations may never be built. It then primed its constituency for action.

“Just as you all helped to make 2009 the year of an unprecedented victory for the Community Radio Act, we need you all to stick with us and make 2010 the year that we bring Low Power to the People! Stay tuned; we will soon be calling on you all to take action.  In the meantime, talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and families. Ask your Senator how they will vote, and remind them to support S592.”