Promises, promises


It’s easy to say you’ll do something, and it’s another to actually do it. The NAB would like the FCC to enforce a promise made by DIRECTV on the occasion of seeking approval to merge with Liberty Media. That promise was to provide true local-into-local broadcast carriage in all 210 Nielsen DMAs. To date, the service is available in only 144, "…some 66 markets short of the promise it made to the FCC in 2003 that, by the end of 2008, it would deliver" service to all, points out the NAB. NAB says that under News Corp. ownership, DIRECTV was offering this to satisfy public interest planks, and that a new plan to instead provide a "seamless, integrated antenna" in currently unserved markets is not an adequate solution. "NAB respectfully requests that the Commission act in the public interest by requiring DIRECTV, through Liberty Media, to provide true local-into-local DBS delivery of local television station in all 210 DMAs by 12/31/08."