Promoters of economic crisis exposed


You may have thought that there were many key factors contributing to the creation of the current economic crisis that is facing the entire global population. But according to one research firm, you really only need point your finger in one direction. Where? You guessed it: The media.

David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, said, "The media’s manipulation of statistics, negativity, exaggeration, and doomsday forecasts have driven fear and panic among consumers and businesses alike.” The media is doing this to “grab attention and sell more copies or attract more viewers or listeners.”

Frigstad concedes that the roots of the crisis may be found in underneath a mulch of greed on Wall Street, but says that it has “…escalated into a major global recession exacerbated by the media…The ironic turn is that the media is also being victimized by the current recession, with declining audiences and falling ad revenues.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Forgive us our skepticism, but really, is that how it works? All journalists get together, decide on a happy outcome and simply report that we are on the verge of attaining it and VOILA! – it’ll happen? Hey, we’re game. Let’s all put on our ruby slippers and repeat, “There’s no place like prosperity…there’s no place like prosperity…”