PTC educating parents about ED schedules


The Parents Television Council has an agreement with two major manufacturers of erectile dysfunction remedies to give parents a heads up on what shows they are using for advertising – thus giving the parents a chance to keep their children away from the programs.

The two companies are Eli Lilly & Co. (Cialis) and Pfizer (Viagra). PTC noted that it was working with a third manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (Levitra), but it has since ceased to advertise on television.

The other two are making their airtime purchase schedule public, and it’s available to parents at

PTC President Tim Winter commented, “We are grateful to Lilly and Pfizer for sharing their broadcast television ad buys with us so we can inform our members and the public about where the ads will air. This is an important first step in addressing the concerns many parents have about advertisements for erectile dysfunction drugs.”

Winter added, “We applaud all three companies for their willingness to address the concerns raised by parents, grandparents and others who had been caught off guard by ED advertisements. Our goal is not to discourage viewers from watching programs that contain the ads, but simply to inform parents about where they will air and let them decide how to address the issue with their children.”