PTC gives shout-out to ABC for NBA play-off coverage


The Parents Television Council said that after allowing some profanity to escape over the air during the first game of NBA finals coverage, ABC Television apparently stepped up its efforts to keep its airwaves clean and did an exemplary job. Winters even made an offer to the person manning the bleep button.

PTC President Tim Winter observed, “The most exhausted person after last night’s Game Seven of the NBA finals probably wasn’t a member of the Lakers or Celtics – it was the person who had control over the bleep button. We are grateful for ABC’s commitment to airing a championship broadcast that children and families could enjoy without being assaulted by inappropriate and profane language.”

He continued, “While there were a few instances of unbleeped profanity in the first game, ABC appeared to take immediate measures to improve, and they certainly did so during the remainder of the exciting series.  We call on all broadcasters to follow the lead of ABC and impose a similar level of commitment to family audiences.”

There’s a free lunch in it for somebody, or somebodies. “On behalf of all grateful PTC members,” said Winter,  “I’d like to invite the person or people who worked that bleep button during the NBA finals to lunch here in downtown Los Angeles, my treat.”