PTC honors Tim Conway


The Parents Television Council is giving its “PTC Integrity in Entertainment Award” to one of its own – iconic TV funnyman Tim Conway. Conway sits on the PTC Advisory Board. PTC says the award “recognizes those individuals and corporations who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to creating, distributing and sponsoring quality entertainment that is free from graphic and gratuitous sex, violence and profanity.”

PTC President Tim Winter stated, “Tim epitomizes the very best in the entertainment industry. He has demonstrated a life-long commitment to entertaining mass audiences – including parents and families – in a manner that allows everyone to enjoy his comedic genius without fear of shocking, inappropriate or indecent content. That is the mark of a brilliant entertainer. We are grateful to Tim and we are proud to honor him in this manner.”

Conway cited former PTC Honorary Chairman Steve Allen, saying “I am grateful to receive this honor from the Parents Television Council. Steve Allen was my inspiration in this business because he represented what I considered good family entertainment. I was delighted when he asked me to be on the advisory board of the PTC. I was honored, but I told Steve that, when it comes to throwing stones at people who abuse ‘family entertainment,’ I shouldn’t even be allowed near the rock pile. Steve said, ‘We’re not going to be throwing stones or burning books, we’re just going to try and get the industry to consider the needs of families and encourage writers and producers to fill that need with entertainment programming the entire family can enjoy together.’ Then he smacked me and said, ‘Snap out of it.’ I got up and said, ‘I’m in.’ And I’m glad I am.”