PTC lambastes Fox


The Parents Television Council found lots to object to in the 9/28/10 episode of Fox Television’s Glee – and while it said that the program had plenty of competition for most objectionable in its Worst of the Week competition, it stood out because of its young-skewing audience. It is asking its constituents to make their views known to Glee advertisers.

PTC described the program, saying “Glee earned its highest ratings ever with this Britney Spears tribute, drawing 13.3 million viewers. A scary thought considering that the mostly young teen/tween audience basically witnessed an endorsement of narcotics abuse, public masturbation, and school-sanctioned burlesque. But perhaps most troubling is the deification of a troubled pop star into a symbol of empowerment and self-esteem. Considering her stints in rehab, her very public breakdowns, and her questionable parenting skills, there is absolutely no way Spears should be considered a role model.”

PTC maintains a list of sponsors for active television programs, and is asking its membership to use it.

RBR-TVBR observation: PTC is well within its rights to state its objections in the strongest possible terms, and Fox is well within its rights to skate as close to the edge of the rules as it dares. The danger for Fox is that it may skate over the edge; the danger for PTC is that it may send even more young viewers flocking to the program to see exactly what fruits PTC thinks should be forbidden.