PTC objects to Osbournes revival


The Parents Television Council counted 49 “harsh bleeped and unbleeped expletives and partially-obscured obscene gestures” during the opening round of “Osbournes: Reloaded,” which Fox Television Network unveiled after “American Idol” last week. It condemned the network, but praised the many Fox affiliates that preempted it, not to mention the incredibly vast majority of companies that chose not to advertise on it.

“What Fox did last night is the pinnacle of corporate arrogance and irresponsibility — airing something so graphic and patently offensive immediately after the most-watched family program on network television,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

Winter added, “And while the Network may not care about a broadcaster’s legal obligation to serve the public interest, at least a number of Fox affiliates responsibly met that obligation by choosing not to air the show or by moving the airing to a later hour.  We are thankful to those affiliates who put children and families first.”

There’s no way to know for sure, but the future of the program may be in doubt regardless of PTC’s opinion, since it didn’t seem to attract much advertising support. Winter noted “Fox also seems content to air programming that no responsible advertiser would want to be associated with. Last night’s broadcast was chock-full of promotions for other Fox-owned products, and the Fox affiliates should take special note of the lack of mainstream sponsorship.”

RBR/TVBR observation: We don’t understand what’s so cool about bleeps on TV. It’s annoying, not entertaining. And it was our misfortune to see a little bit of the show – in particular, the Flash Dance sequence. While we the did not see any artistic merit or entertainment value whatsoever in the essentially revolting sequence which ended with a loud Ozzie fart, neither do we believe that we or our children were irrevocably harmed by it. In conclusion, we join PTC in wondering why any self-respecting person or entity would want to be associated with something like this. We now ask PTC to join us and do what we did: We changed the channel.