PTC praises media for toning down violence in wake of Sandy Hook


PTC / Parents Television CouncilThe Parents Television Council was pleased that so many in the media adjusted their content after the tragic events in Newtown CT. But it wonders, if certain content needs to be removed now, shouldn’t it be avoided in the first place?

“The Parents Television Council applauds the action of corporations and individuals in the entertainment industry who have taken extraordinary measures to alter their business activities out of respect and concern for those impacted by the tragedy of Newtown. But we also ask those same corporations and individuals why that respect and concern would be temporary,” said PTC president Tim Winter.

Winter added, “If a television network changes its programming because of content that could be insensitive today, why would that same content be appropriate at a later time? If a music mogul makes a passionate plea for civility, why would there be a later time to profit from lyrics and videos that eschew civility? If producers and performers rightly question whether their industry is complicit in creating a violent media culture that feeds real-life tragedies, why would there be a later time to produce and distribute more of it?”

Winter said there is at least one study that links violent media content to aggressive behavior in children.

He concluded, “Today we applaud the positive actions of the entertainment industry – but with an important caveat: Act responsibly tomorrow, next week, and next year, as our nation heals from the Newtown tragedy.