PTC pre-disapproves five upcoming TV shows


Watchdog3Warning, warning Will Robinson! The upcoming slate of new television shows might not be up to Shakespearean snuff! Time to engage our lowbrow entertainment and possible indecency deflector shields!

Parents Television Council notes that once again the networks are placing their bets on programming that may leaves something to be desired when it comes to artistic quality.

The organization put out a warning by quoting a list of reviews from Advertising Age that fingered the five programs, three of which are headed for CBS with one each from Fox and NBC.

The programs are:
* The Millers (CBS)
* The Crazy Ones (CBS)
* Intelligence (CBS)
* Dads (FOX)
* Undateable (NBC)

PTC said, “How many times have you heard classic TV sitcoms from yesteryear dismissed as too unsophisticated for today’s TV viewers? As beneath the intelligence of adult viewers in this day and age? And yet CBS and Fox are offering us the television equivalent of a junior high school locker room.”

And then PTC brought up the mysterious new relaxed indecency rules the FCC is about to hit us with. It said, “Also keep in mind these shows were developed before outgoing FCC Chairman proposed the rules change that would loosen indecency restrictions. If this is what the networks try to get with under existing standards, can you imagine what the networks will be offering if the rules change goes into effect?”

RBR-TVBR observation: The FCC asked for comment on indecency policy, including how it should handle so-called fleeting expletives. To the watchdog community that apparently constitutes not only a rule change, but a relaxation of the rules. To us, it is a call for comment in advance of a possible rule change, or an equally possible decision not to change the rules based at least on part on the commentary received.

Nothing has changed, other than the FCC is likely still reluctant to go after a possible decency violator at this point, since the indecency rules have yet to go through this current process with the goal of clarifying them and making them enforceable in the future.


  1. Thank you PTC. Now we know that at least 5 of the new shows in the Fall will be hits!

  2. with the exception of “Undateable” i’m really looking forward to those shows!
    and Chris D’Elia is the lead in Undateable with Bianca Kajlich so i’ll give it a show or three.

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